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Raissa Marchetti-Kozlov

Raissa A. Marchetti-Kozlov is a force of creative energy who wears many hats: founder, director, educator, and champion of the arts. Her passion for theatre ignited Redwood City Players in 2015, a company built on the pillars of artistic excellence, inclusivity, and education.Raissa brings a wealth of experience to the table.


With a Master's in Theatre Arts from San Francisco State University and a Bachelor's in Business Operations, she seamlessly bridges the creative and strategic aspects of running a successful theatre company. Her prior experience managing artistic staff and productions for various theatres honed her leadership skills, while her stint at Google as an Administrative Business Partner instilled in her a talent for streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency.


Raissa's vision for Redwood City Players is one of inclusivity. She curates productions that challenge social norms and celebrate diversity, both on and off the stage. Her commitment to accessibility extends beyond "Pay What You Will" ticketing; scholarships and outreach programs ensure that anyone, regardless of background, can participate in the transformative power of theatre.Beyond Redwood City Players, Raissa actively contributes to the Bay Area theatre scene. She's served as Managing Director for Musical Theatre Works and Production Manager & Education Director for Los Altos Stage Company.


When Raissa isn't immersed in the world of theatre, you might find her with her three furry co-workers, Mika, Tasha, and Bru, enjoying a cup of coffee and color-coding her ever-growing list of ideas. "Organization Saves Lives" and "Everything is Figureoutable" are her mottos, fueled by her infectious energy and a genuine love for bringing people together through the magic of live theatre.

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