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About Us


Redwood City Players ignites the power of theatre for a more inclusive and expressive world. We create thought-provoking productions that entertain, inspire, and challenge audiences. Through accessible educational programs, we empower actors of all ages and backgrounds to discover their voices and cultivate lifelong connections to the arts.


Redwood City Players envisions a thriving theatre scene that celebrates diversity and shatters stereotypes. We see a future where theatre is a catalyst for social change, fostering empathy and sparking critical conversations within our community. We strive to be a model for artistic excellence and inclusivity, breaking new ground with innovative storytelling and educational initiatives.



  • Artistic Exploration: Produce groundbreaking and diverse theatrical experiences that push creative boundaries and engage audiences on a deeper level.

  • Education for All: Offer a comprehensive educational program structure with scholarships and outreach programs, ensuring access to theatre education for all ages and backgrounds.

  • Community Catalyst: Champion inclusivity and social justice through theatre, fostering a vibrant and collaborative network among local artists, schools, and arts organizations.

  • Financial Sustainability: Implement a sustainable financial model that relies on a combination of "Pay What You Will" ticket sales, fundraising efforts, and strategic partnerships to support artistic excellence and educational programs.

Our Story

Redwood City Players is more than just a theatre company; we're a passionate community ignited by the power of storytelling. Founded in 2015, we bring innovative and inclusive theatre to the heart of Redwood City.

We believe theatre should be for everyone. That's why we offer a unique "Pay What You Will" model for our productions, ensuring financial barriers don't stand between you and a captivating experience.  All proceeds go back into what we love most: creating thought-provoking productions and fostering a thriving community of actors.


Here's what sets us apart:

  • Bold and Inclusive Productions: We champion diverse voices and tackle contemporary issues that spark conversation and challenge perspectives.

  • Lifelong Learning: From youth workshops to masterclasses, our educational programs empower actors of all ages and backgrounds to discover their creative potential.

  • A Collaborative Spirit: We believe in the power of connection. We partner with local schools, artists, and organizations to weave a vibrant artistic tapestry within Redwood City.


Join the Redwood City Players Family!

Whether you're a seasoned theatregoer or just starting your artistic journey, Redwood City Players welcomes you with open arms. Come see a show, explore our educational offerings, or even get involved backstage! We're a passionate group dedicated to sharing the magic of theatre and fostering a more inclusive, expressive world – one powerful performance at a time.

Meet The Team

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